Alliance with CURRENCY HUB

We are excited to announce that, going forward, CURRENCY HUB, a regulated FSP, having a 6+ year Cryptocurrency Arbitrage track record with ZERO losses, will take on all Arbitage Trading for all Koinexpert Clients!

Existing Koinexpert Clients

From the 26th of April 2023 onward, Koinexpert will no longer offer a Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Service. If you would like to continue trading, you will need to switch to CURRENCY HUB.
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After opting to switch to CURRENCY HUB and giving your consent via the Koinexpert Client Dashboard, we will share your FICA information and trading history with a dedicated account manager at CURRENCY HUB to speed up the onboarding and registration process. The switching and onboarding process should not take more than 30 minutes to complete and CURRENCY HUB should process your onboarding within 2-3 business days, after which you will be ready to trade!

New Clients - Getting Started

Getting started on your arbitrage journey is as simple as clicking the button below and registering with CURRENCY HUB.
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CURRENCY HUB has been one of the few Arbitrage Service providers operating with all the required FSP licenses (since inception), enabling them to offer a unique discretionary, actively managed Arbitrage Service that includes:

Crypto Regulation

Starting from December 1st, 2023, Cryptocurrencies in South Africa will be subject to regulation, requiring every institution offering any cryptocurrency services to possess an FSP (Financial Service Provider) license to continue providing their services to clients. As a result, Koinexpert evaluated various options to enable their clients to continue trading Cryptocurrency Arbitrage, ultimately finding the best fit with CURRENCY HUB.


CURRENCY HUB does not charge a performance fee to do the arbitrage, they are the FX intermediary, so they only charge a competitive FX fee. No double-dipping, which suggests that this single move could earn you an additional 20% more profit.
Their FX fees across 3 Gross Premium bands (trading with your own capital):
Gross Premium FX Fee
0.5% - 1% 0.25%
1% - 1.5% 0.35%
1.5% - 2% 0.40%

CURRENCY HUB Credit Facility

If you are not trading with R500k or more we highly recommend making use of CURRENCY HUB's NCR Credit Facility.
  • Zero upfront fees & you don't have to invest your own capital to complete your R10m FIA.
  • R15,000 covers the interest on the loan & R9,000 covers the admin and FIA applications which will be deducted from your arbitrage profits (Loan Cost total is R24,000).
  • R10m FIA arbitrage trading is completed in 4 cycles (trading R2,5m each time).
  • Limited SWIFT fees (4 x R500), reduces the bank fees by R20,000 (average) giving you a better Premium return.
There are many advantages to using this loan for our arbitrage service, such as the additional profits (SWIFT savings) which largely cancel out the cost of the loan, notwithstanding you don't have to invest your own funds or time managing multiple FIA applications.

Estimated Profits (Utilizing Credit Facility)

Estimated profit noting an ever-changing premium and based on utilization of an individual's full R11m SDA and FIA.
Gross Premium Forex Fee Performance Fee Credit Facility Fee ** Net Profits *
0.5% - 0.7% 0.15% ZERO R24,000 R12,000 to R28,500
0.7% - 1.0% 0.30% ZERO R24,000 R28,500 to R50,500
1% - 2% 0.40% ZERO R24,000 R50,500 to R165,000
> 2% 0.40% ZERO R24,000 R165,000 plus
* Profits calculated AFTER Forex fee and AFTER loan fees. The figures above are what you could take home.
** Circa R15,000 interest and R9000 FIA admin fee on R11m trading volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Koinexpert is not selling any data to CURRENCY HUB and will only share existing client data with CURRENCY HUB if consent is given by the client.

Koinexpert clients who earned referral fees during April 2023 will receive a payout of these earnings in May 2023 after which no referral fees will be earned via Koinexpert again. CURRENCY HUB offers their own referral system.

All clients who switched from Koinexpert to CURRENCY HUB will now be supported directly by CURRENCY HUB. All clients who have not switched can still contact Koinexpert directly if they have any questions or concerns.

If you require any assistance, we recommend opening a support ticket by completing our contact us page form or sending an e-mail directly to

Statements for all trades previously concluded via Koinexpert as well as Referral Fee statements will be stored and made available to clients via Koinexpert's Client Revenue Page. Statements for all new trades concluded via CURRENCY HUB will be sent to clients from CURRENCY HUB and will not be stored on the Koinexpert Portal.

Furthermore, the Koinexpert portal will remain online until at least 28 February 2023. After this date, the website may close down and the only way to obtain statements will be via a manual request to

CURRENCY HUB has their own procedures in place to deal with client trades. Through their onboarding process clients will be made aware of all procedures and a dedicated account manager will be available to answer all questions.

However, generally speaking, CURRENCY HUB offers a hedged solution similar to what Koinexpert offered. More recently, their method is closely in line with our "Managed Trade" solution. A managed solution combined with all the various additional benefits CURRENCY HUB offers, makes their strategy one of the most viable ones for those seeking a low-risk and truly hands-free Arbitrage Trading Solution.

If you are a client of Koinexpert then it will only take a few seconds to switch. Click here to make the switch now!

If you are not a client of Koinexpert, you can sign up by clicking here. Users who are not clients of Koinexpert should still be able to onboard with CURRENCY HUB in a short period of time but by going through Koinexpert, we can speed up the process significantly as we already have our clients documents at hand to pass on to CURRENCY HUB.