Have a look at the graph for XTZ for the last week:


If I bought at 1 USD, sold at 1.1 USD, then again bought at 1 USD, sold at again at 1.1USD and so forth, I could have done it at least three times in this week alone. In other words, if I took 1000 USD, I could have turned it into 1100 USD, then into 1210 USD and then finally into 1331 USD. That's a 30% gain in a week. Not bad!

So my plan with XTZ is to simply always have buy orders in at 0.95 to 1 USD. And sell orders at 1.05 - 1.10 USD.

It might be a temporary trend, but it seems like it has been there since at least April! So I'll do a few orders and see if I can make a few small gains on the side.

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