What is Telegram?

Telegram is very similar to Whatsapp in that it serves as a chat application for mobile devices. You can install it on your phone or your computer and communicate with other users who use the same application.

Why not Whatsapp?

Telegram offers a variety of enhancements over Whatsapp, particularly enhancements that make it possible to share signals:

  • An API
    This simply means that we are can communicate with Telegram channels using computer code. Without that, we cannot automate signup process/ bots etc.
  • Increased Limits
    Whatsapp groups are severely limited at only 200 members per group. 
  • Owned by Facebook
    Whatsapp is owned by Facebook. 

What is a Telegram group?

When you open the Telegram app on your phone, you will be able to start conversations with people, or you can start groups where multiple people chat together. These groups can be further configured to only allow admins to post and various other settings. 

For the purpose of Signals

What is a Telegram Bot?

A bot is simply an automated person you can speak to on Telegram. They often accept commands that return results specific to the user. To start a conversation with the Koinexpert bot, simply speak to


Different bots offer different features. Our bot's primary role is to assist in helping users get onto the Trendsig VIP Signals Channel. 

I am still confused!

This stuff is very confusing, I know. If anything is unclear, please comment below and we will do our best to assist you! 

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