From time to time, the Crypto Assets SA and HODLNOTS trading group identify a charity and sponsor their position within our TONOIT groups.

The idea is to assist charities to create a passive income stream and once they have an open position, the group assists them to either grow their own team and get their bonus levels paid out in cash, or become part of our active crypto scalp traders group.

If you wish to donate, please click on the button below and add your comments during the payout process :-)

THANK YOU for assisting us in sharing the benefit of crypto.




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Hi Dewald,

I would like to add my charity to the group if possible.

they are a Quadriplegic and paraplegic centre in Durbanville Cape Town. always looking to find ways to generate an monthly income to sustain and maintain their home and its members as its is quite costly to run the house and the needs of its quadriplegic and paraplegic members. I started generating funds from my previous business I had to help in our community in Durbanville.

as I do not own my own business any more, I am am not able to sponsor more than I am currently doing with me and my wife contributing to Huis Andries Olivier in Durbanville with a monthly debit orders to contribute towards them.

if will be great if I can get them on board and help them grow their income and so they can generate a passive income for each of the members of the house.

please let me know how we can proceed with this to and help to get them going, then I can go to them on Saturday and present n plan of action to them.


Kind regards




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