Have a look at this one that popped up on my screen a few minutes ago:

Johann Rupert Facebook Scam

This is a scam advert. 100% untruthful. Tell-tale signs:

  • They claim a famous celebrity endorses the idea
  • You can clearly see it's paid for (see "Sponsored"  below "Make Hilarious")
  • The link takes you to a bad place (in this case, it takes you here)

You can also find lots of tell-tale signs when you click through on the link:

  • The link takes you to lindastoday.com, but it has a CNN logo top right. Fake.
  • Scroll down more, and see all the "positive" comments. Also fake. 
  • And finally at the bottom, a link to where you can get a "Pro bitcoin account". Fake, because there is no such thing. You don't need anything special. Anyone can buy Bitcoin.

Watch out for these scams and REPORT THEM!

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And here's another one I just saw:

another scam

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