allows you to invest in certain coins and earn a percentage for your investment. Different coins give different rewards. Here is what you can earn at the time of writing:


So, in theory, you could buy 100 USD worth of BitGreen, deposit it into your MyCointainer account, and earn roughly 149/100 * 100 = 149 USD per year. Which is about 149 / 12 = 12.41 USD per month. That works out to 12.41% per month! Not bad at all!

So what's the catch?

Well, the tricky part with this is that you can't enter with a stablecoin. So, imagine you enter with 100 USD. The current price for BitG is roughly 14 US cent, so you would get about 100 / 0,14 = 714 BITG. If you leave that for a year and you manage to get it up to 1700 BitG within 12 months. If the price remained at 14 US cents, or has gone up, you will be fine. But if the price for BitG goes down to, for example, 7 US Cents, then your 1700 BitG is only worth half of what it was when you started.

I don't really know these coins so I can't really say what's going to happen. But for now, I have invest 200 USD split between 4 coins:

  • BitGreen
  • SafeInsure
  • Divi
  • Radium

Also note that most of these coins can only be found on random exchanges. I used, but you can also try:,,, and The volumes on Crex wasn't great, so I might use a different exchange next time.

I'll report back once there is some activity on the account! 

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My coins are there:

Mycointainer deposits

I deposited 200 USD and they claim my total value is 164.49 EUR. At today's rate, 164.49 EUR = 181.57 USD. Not exactly sure how I managed to do it, but looks like i lost 18 USD just by getting my money there. This is most likely due to me buying the coins at an expensive price on Crex and also taking taker fees. If this goes well and I can get back to over 200 USD / 181 EUR quickly, then I will deposit more, but I will definitely use a different exchange.

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It's been about 75 hours since I deposited my coins. Let's see how I'm doing...

Profit Generated: 0.31 EUR

So, that means I managed to generate 0.31 / 75 x 24 = 0.0992 EUR per day.

At this rate I should make about 30 x 0.0992 = 2.976 EUR in 30 days which = 3.28 USD

3.28 USD / 200 USD x 100 = 1.64% per month.

Not sure if this is going to be worth it...

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In two days' time, I will have had my cash there for 1 month. How much have I made? Let's see:

Mycointainer update

First off, I should have stuck with DIVI only. Had I done that, my 200 USD would have generated 4 x 1.42 = 5.68 EUR, instead of 2.05 EUR.

  • 5.68 EUR = 6.28 USD = 3.14 %
  • 2.05 EUR = 2.27 USD = 1.13%

3.14% in a month isn't bad! That's 37% in a year. But, alas, the maths isn't that simple. I have no idea how much of the 200 USD and the 2.05 EUR is actually going to reach my account if I withdraw now because the coins have also since changed in value. I'm going to withdraw everything and see what I end up with...

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After all was said and done, I ended up with 201 USD. So I made a dollar. Not much, but at least I didn't lose anything.

My conclusion: this could probably work if you stick to Divi and do larger amounts. 

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