I've seen this happen to people more than 5 times. Maybe it's just a coincidence... you tell me.

  • User would go to luno.com and register a new account
  • User will verify their cellphone number

Once they are set up and the cellphone is verified, it's usually mere minutes before they receive another SMS. I've seen them in different forms, but this is the most recent one:

Hello, Your L'U'N'O wallet has been LOCKED due to an SSL upgrade To re-activate your account click the link : http://bit.do/XXXXXX

I've replaced the real link with X's. The link likely goes to a phishing page, so it's best no one clicks on it.

Has anyone else experienced this? It is really suspicious that the SMS is sent so soon after registration.

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I've also seen SMSes and e-mails being sent to new registrations, but can't really comment on how long after registration it happened. Maybe something someone wants to mention to Luno?

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