Welcome to your Introduction to Trading 1 Day Course

Congratulations on your decision to join our Introduction to Trading Course by Project Freedom.  This is the start of your journey into the exciting world of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.  My objective for this course is that not only will you leave this course with the basic skills to enable you to safely invest your money in cryptocurrencies, but that you be excited in this new venture and ultimately achieve financial freedom for you and your family.

Please note: there is a basic assumption that you are computer literate and can use a computer well.  Although you can place trades using a smart phone or tablet, it is far more effective to use a laptop or desktop to do research and analysis and our teaching is based on using a physical computer.  If you are not computer literate and do not have a computer, I would suggest that you consider doing the course at a later date as we cannot refund for the course and we will not be able to give you special attention on the day.  We have a lot to cover in 1 day. 

The course will be held on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019.  Registration starts at 8.30am and the course will run till 5pm with a 1 hour break for lunch.  You are encouraged to arrive early and get a good seat.


Hammond Pole Attorneys
Conference Centre
Pond Bartlett Boksburg
(Behind Hyundai)

Please note: There is no catering facilities that is venue, however we have outsourced catering for the day at a cost of R100 per person. Which will consist of either vegetarian or beef lasagna and a salad with a cold drink. PLEASE CONFIRM IF YOU WILL NEED THIS OPTION.

What to bring:

  • Computer with mouse if you have one.  Don’t forget your power cable.  Trading without a mouse is really hard, so I suggest that you bring one.
  • It is not totally necessary to bring your computer with you, it might just be a help if you want to practice live and will only be used in the afternoon.
  • Phone and charger or backup battery.
  • Very Important: You are required to bring any device that you may have to access the Internet.  So any  Internet dongles or routers or you at least need to have Data on your phone to enable you to hotspot to your computer.  To get the best out of the course you need to have Internet access.
  • If you have a power extension adapter or small extension cord bring that  just to ensure  you have access to power for your laptop.
  • A nice new notebook with pens for your new course!  Get something nice so that all your trading can be kept in one new book
  • Food, snacks and any drinks or water that you need for the day.


We do NOT have any credit card facilities as yet so payment can be made in Cash on the day, but please just let me know by reply to this mail if you are going to do so.  Otherwise can you please do a EFT to the bank details below and send proof of payment to this email address.

The cost of the course is R1495 per person and if and only if you are a genuine couple, the two of you can come for the price of 1.  This should have already been arranged with me, so don’t arrive with extra people as we do not have the space in the room.  We have offered a couples price because we encourage you to learn and trade together and grow yourselves financially together.  Please do not abuse this.  You are also welcome to come to the same course in the future, free of charge as a refresher subject to space availability.

Please note that there is no refund for a no show on the date you have selected to come on, but it can be used on a future course.

Bank: FNB
Account Name; Craig Van Zeil
Branch: 250655
Account Number: 62461786158
Reference; Your name and date of course.  C Van Zeil 20 Jul

Whatsapp; A whatsapp group has been created for this specific group.  This will be used to send messages prior to the course and to answer any questions after.  From time to time I will send trade set ups on that group too.

Accounts to register before arriving;

Please can you ensure that you have the following accounts registered before you come to the training;


Please ensure that you account is fully registered, verified and that you have done your KYC so you can withdraw funds when needed.  Please also have your 2 Factor authentication (2FA)  in place.

Python Signals. 

If you do not have a Python signals account, please speak to your sponsor and upline and use their link to register your account.  This does not need any KYC but your account does need to be paid to receive their signals.  Minimum is $50 per month, but the best package to buy is either the 12 Month galaxy for $500.  Discuss this with your sponsor or upline.  If you do not have a sponsor you can use this link to register your account.  https://www.pythonsignals.com/?u=VanZukNL 


This is the main exchange that we will recommend that you trade on since it has the highest volumes generally of all other exchanges.  Again register, do your KYC to the level that you want and please put your 2FA in place.  Please use the following link to register your account if you do not have a Binance account https://www.binance.com/?ref=10107355 it will make my trading fees a little cheaper.


You only need to register this if you want to trade with KBC coins.  There is no KYC to do on this exchange, but please put the 2 FA in place


You only need this if you are a Karatbars member and want to trade with KBC.  If you are not part of Karatbars, you really should be , so speak to your sponsor or upline to help you here.  Your Karatbit account also needs to have the KYC done and please put the 2 FA in place.  Remember if you are going to register a new account with Karatbit, please use the same email address as your Karatbars account so we can link the two accounts together. 


You need to register on this platform as this is the main platform where you will do your Technical Analysis on the various cryptocurrencies. 

Please use the following link to register your account https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=17170&url_id=153

Once this page loads up look to the top right to sign up for free.

You can sign up for a free account initially but this comes with limited functionality and you will get pop up ads, it is up to you to decide whether you can deal with this or not.  I would suggest paying for an account with them if you are going to take this trading seriously.  You can see what you get for your money on the following link https://www.tradingview.com/gopro/  If you decide to go pro you only need to go for the Pro pack which is $14.95 a month and if you pay for a year you get it at $9.95 per month equivalent ($120 for the year)

You can get a free 30 day trial of the Pro pack for free.

Below is a You Tube link to get your trading view set up.  This is all the settings that you will need for trading.   So get your Trading View account registered as either a free or paid account then go through the video step by step and get it set up like mine. 

Here is the You Tube Link to get you set up. This is a must do video.  You need to have this set up before coming to the training.  https://youtu.be/uvP8RUgI33k


I have attached our Disclaimer to this email.  Please read through this and you will need to sign this on your arrival at the course.  You will not be able to attend the course without the disclaimer being signed

Videos to watch before arriving

You need to watch the following videos before coming to the course.  This is imperative to your learning so please do not forget to watch them.  I will not be going over this on the course and will assume you know it.  So please make sure you watch them.

Use your notebook to make notes as you watch the videos.

You tube videos to watch;

I am sure you have all seen candle sticks, those little bars on trading charts.  You need to understand what they are and these 3 short videos help explain what they are and how they are formed.  You just need to watch the 3 below, if you want to watch up to video lesson 12 on his channel it is up to you.  You can watch them later as you get into trading

But for now, please just watch these 3 videos

Lesson 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9AlAvYa6MA

Lesson 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2TkJDseG8I

Lesson 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enPN5pIeGMo

Video to download;

This is a video that I recorded off  You Tube a few years ago, but it has long since been taken down.  This is a long video, around 90 minutes and you will need to download if off  my google drive with the link below.  It should just play, but if not , just download VLC media player which is free off the net and it will definitely play with that.  Please excuse the sound quality.

I apologise in advance for the quality of the sound on this video just please work through it.

If you “get” this video and understand market psychology, you will be way ahead of most crypto investors out there. So don’t worry that the video was done in 2017 with Bitcoin, the same patterns play out over and over again as people are driven by Greed, Fear and FOMO.  Please make notes when you watch this video.  I have printed a copy of the cheat sheet he refers to in the video and will give this to you at the course.  Some of the stuff on Fibonacci levels might be confusing, don’t worry right now, I just want you to get the overall market cycle and how it plays out over and over again.


So that’s it for all the preparation to do and I look forward to teaching you on Saturday.  This is an amazing course.

Regards Christine Grobler on Behalf of Craig

Craig VanZeil

Mobile +27 71 851 9142


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