My name is Daniel, but I am called Danie.
I am 66 years old and I'v been an estate agent for 45 of those years. I'm with RE/MAX 2000.

I got involved with CRYTOS in July 2017. I would have double the amount of Cryptos I currently have, if it were not for people (with good and sincere intentions), have not convinced me to trade as well. Every bit of advice I have gotten so far ALWAYS just led to a loss of some kind.

With Dewald introducing me to KOINEXPERT and hopefully renewing my subscription with PYTHON again, I am hoping to change that!

I would sincerely like to become a successful trader and realise a dream of mine - that is to tour South Africa in a luxury mobile home.

I trust my relationship with Dewald and the rest, would make that dream a reality.

Looking forward to further communication with you all!

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Welcome, Danie! laugh

You're not in the boat by yourself! Many share similar stories! Hopefully, you'll find all the answers you need here and if not, we can figure out the answers together! 

Koinexpert aims to remain a truly objective platform where we can criticize methods, platforms, coins and techniques that led to losses. I myself have tried a boatload of different things. Some very successful, some really not. I've also dealt with my fair share of scams this year, something I've grown quite passionate about. Passionate in the sense that I really don't want people to fall for scams when it can be easily avoided. Or at least not for the same scam that others have fallen for already. There really is no need for two people to make the same mistake! 

Your dream sounds 100% realistic and crypto could very easily become the mechanism to accomplish that dream!

I look forward to many future chats about trading!

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Great to know you more Danie.......I think you found a great place to start on a successful uptrend in your investing.  People come across your path in life either for a lesson or benefit.......Dewald is a benefit.  His gifting is business development and marketing and gathering in the best of the best into this platform.  We aim to produce just that in this platform, training people how to profit and use our methods and signals and trade together so we all profit and aim for nothing but profits as we continuously improve our methods and skills to understand the markets better than anyone.  We are excited about 2020 and we are already preparing and moving into BIG things ahead.  Dewald is focused on this ONE business platform, with many component but his time and attention are focused to drive us all to success with this incredible group.  I, as well as Marius, remain focused on ONE thing, cryptocurrencies and businesses surrounding only cryptocurrency so we remain focused to help everyone achieve your dreams and goals.  Welcome Danie - see you in the trading platforms and PythonSignals again.  Wendy


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