It's only 150USD for 5 x 1 hour sessions happening every night next week. It's presented by Wendy Landman, Marius Landman's wife. The guy who created Python Signals.

I know quite a bit about trading, but I am doing this to fill a few holes and get a proper introduction into "farming". Here is the course outline:

What does this 1 week course cover:
Duration is 1 hour per evening over 5 nights, with a break from Friday to Sunday..

Training - Bitcoin 101 to DayTrading

Bitcoin 101: 9pm to 10pm Monday the 7th of October

  • What is Bitcoin
  • What is the Blockchain
  • How does it work
  • How do I get started - we focus on S. Africa
  • Wallets - Deposting and Withdrawing
  • Uses for Bitcoin - How do you use
  • Buy and Hold or Farm Coins
  • Farming Coins - How do you Farm Coins and WHY should you?

PythonSignals: 9pm to 10pm Tuesday the 8th of October

  • If you do not have a Python Signals Position yet, please register your FREE account at
  • How is the best way to WORK PythonSignals
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Setting up Profiles / Pictures
  • Deposit and Payout Wallets
  • Materials - Reports, Blog Posts, Webinars, Meetings
  • Marketing
  • EStore
  • Matrix Payment System - Moving around
  • Epins - How to use them
  • Languages - International Clients
  • Fast Track - How to Work it for BTC profits
  • Rules of Python

Day Trading 101 - KOKLOLEG style: 9pm to 10pm Wednesday the 9th of October

  • Binance - Exchange Overview - How to Read it: If you do not have a Binance account yet, please register one at
  • Depositing and Withdrawing
  • Stable Coins - How do they work and how do we use them
  • Choosing a coin to trade
  • Best Time to Trade
  • Indicators - TOP 5 Indicators - How to use them
  • Candles - How to read them and how they work – HOMEWORK
  • Additional Indicator - Bollinger Bands - How to watch them for day trading.
  • Figuring out how much of a coin to buy/trade in satoshies and how to figure out how much profit or loss you made

LIVE Day Trading: 9pm to 10pm Thursday the 10th of October

  • How to pick the coin to trade each day
  • Paring of coins and how that works - which one to trade from
  • Orders - Limit / Market - Which one and Why?
  • Placing orders and how to decide what price to buy in
  • Selling Orders - Limit / Market
  • Stop Losses - How they work and When to use them
  • Tips for Success
  • Go thru a LIVE Day Trade online.


Completion: 9pm to 10pm Monday the 14th of October

Review of all questions from Day Trading experience and making sure everyone understands mistakes made, go over anything they didn't understand or need more help with. More Live Day Trading if needed.

Cost and payment:
Cost for the week's training is $150 per person, to be paid in Bitcoin directly to Wendy.
Wendy Landman’s Bitcoin address will be emailed upon confirmation of attending the training. Please email to confirm your booking, or respond to this mail, confirming attendance.

Introducing Wendy Landman:
Wendy is the International Public Relations Officer for PYTHONSIGNALS - The World’s Largest Bitcoin Community, wife of Marius Landman, founder and Chief Analyst of PythonSignals.

Wendy has been in cryptocurrency for many years and runs several very successful businesses involving cryptocurrency.
Teaching bitcoin 101 for some time now.
Wendy is also the founder and business operations director for the Fast Track in PythonSignals.

Wendy's Credentials:
Grad degree in Business Management from AIB with Masters in Marketing - the past 3 years Wendy was the Business Operations manager for the state of Queensland for Teen Challenge QLD managing 2 residential DOA rehabilitation centres, day centre, homeless centre for boys, corporate office and Board governance.
Certification in HSE/Risk Management, Legal, Intellectual Properties, oil and gas, mining, HR/Competency Management and railway infrastructure.
Bottom-line she knows how to run a business and above all trade in crypto.


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How's this course been so far? Learned a lot that you didn't already know?

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Hi Lourens, this course has been incredible, starting the 3rd one already tomorrow (2nd December) been over 40 people through the course and it's just getting better.
The first course was as above but now changed to a bit more practical day & scalp trading style...............see for more information.

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I can say as a third party that this was really really really worth it. Some of the guys were bragging about making 1000 USD in a day about a month after doing the course. I highly recommend this as an introduction into the world of trading. You will start off on a very strong foot and have access to some really smart individuals in the HODLNOTS Whatsapp group!

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