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Beauty Pay Coin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the beauty industry. It uses blockchain technology for a hassle-free selling of beauty products online.

Stay Pretty With Beauty Pay Coin:

Beauty Pay Coin (BPC) is the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency exclusively made for the beauty industry. Combining blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, BPC enables smooth and secure peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

Through the Beauty Pay blockchain, which is initially based on Ethereum, brands, shops, influencers, and buyers can work hand-in-hand in building a decentralized beauty community. Powered by the novel XPC protocol, beauty product purchases can be conducted securely.  

BPC Coin is the native digital currency to be utilized within Beauty Play, a social e-commerce platform for beauty products and services. Here, buyers and sellers can interact with each other while advertisers and influencers can promote their brands and merchandise.

Mainly, BPC will take advantage of the boom of social media and influencer marketing in terms of bringing innovative beauty-centric solutions. Moreover, BPC, alongside other cryptos and fiat, will be integrated as a beauty payment gateway in Beauty Play. 

We are as excited as you are to begin this wonderful journey to beauty innovation! Do not miss our regular updates about BPC and Beauty Play. As we are still starting out, help us grow our beauty community by liking/following/subscribing to our official channels: @beautypaycoin.

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