Koinexpert.com was launched 186 days ago

Divide that 186 by 31 and whip out your party hats because that means Koinexpert.com is 6 months old today!  laugh 

In this short period, our user base has grown to over 250 members and various additional features/tools have been launched, including: the Portfolio Manager, our FREE Telegram Signals Channel, our integration with Trendsig etc.

But this is only the beginning! Myself and the rest of the team want to keep building on Koinexpert and make it the absolute best crypto platform there is. To do that, we need to know what you think!

So help us out by replying to this thread and giving us your feedback. Any feedback will be much appreciated!

  1. What new features would you like to see on Koinexpert.com?
  2. What existing features do you think we can improve?
  3. Do you use any of our Signals Platforms and how are you finding them?
  4. Is Koinexpert.com easy to understand / easy to navigate?
  5. Is there anything you don't like about Koinexpert.com?

Thanks in advance to everyone taking the time to reply! 

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I love the Portfolio Manager but the Binance integration shows different values on Koinexpert than it does on my actual Binance account. It would be great if this was fixed! 

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Love this platform and the community that is being build through this!!!!!!!

Simple suggestions :-)

  1. Badges of the various groups and point status :-)
  2. Profit calculator for the beginner trader that is easy to understand and use?
  3. Trading diary - Even excel template for download?
  4. Any tools that will make a traders live simple to keep track of their strategy and profit tracking?
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Loved this Platform,, Providing Daily and weekly Report of market will be appreciated. Thanks

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