KoinExpert.com has an underlying "reputation" feature that tracks user participation over time. Essentially it works as follows:

  • When joining the site for the first time, you start with a score of 0 and you are known as "New Member" (or Level 0 user).
  • When you post something as a level 0 user, you get 0.05 points. 
  • When you reply to a post as a level 0 user, you get 0.005 points. 
  • When your points reach 1, you are upgraded to a "Level 1" user. If it reaches 2, you are Level 2, and so forth. 
  • The number of levels are infinite, but after reaching a new level, it becomes harder to reach the next level. 

The idea is that you will gain a sense of "status" by being an active member of this community.


The first member to reach Level 2, wins R 1 000.00 in Bitcoin. smiley

Good luck!

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