I really thought we'd be off to a much slower start, but the reality is I've received a ton of good feedback about KoinExpert.com and I've also fixed numerous bugs and added many small improvements.

The My Portfolio tool is now at a level that you won't get anything similar for free on the internet. And it's only going to get better! If you are trading on multiple exchanges, I don't know you are keeping track of everything without something like My Portfolio. I've looked around and "Delta" is decent, but doesn't offer support for Luno. So I really think it will be the best option out there eventually! And it's free! smiley

Which brings me to the reason I wanted to write this post!

I would like to keep KoinExpert free as far as possible. It should be about our crypto community and we should be making enough money helping each other, that keeping this forum free is a no-brainer. But to do that, I need two things:

  • Participation
  • More users!

I know it's tricky to participate in the beginning, especially if you are new to crypto in general. But if you know of any good people that like crypto that should be on these forums, let me know so we can start growing this community! I think if we can get 100 people on here, we will really start to see some interesting things!

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This is a great forum to start my cryptocurrency journey. Looking forward to engaging discussions with other members.

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I am also new, but VERY excited!! Looking forward to getting involved.


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