We've made some changes!

  • No more paid membership
    Previously you could pay 100 USD to become a "Premium Member". This would give you access to Premium Boards on the Forum, as well as allow you to add unlimited connections to the "My Portfolio" tool. Going forward, there is no 100 USD membership fee and:
     - Unlimited connections on "My Portfolio"
     - No more premium boards (all users can access all boards that are not privately owned/managed)

    PLEASE NOTE: This does not affect the Trendsig VIP Signals channel. This will still cost 25 USD per month for those who want to use it. The FREE Koinexpert Signals channel is still FREE and will remain FREE.
  • Fewer categories
    Many of the categories have been removed. There are only 5 public boards left. All content in other categories were merged into one of the remaining categories. It is not easy to decide what categories to keep and what to throw out. It's a bit of a balancing act between how much content is posted versus what makes it easier for users to find content. As Koinexpert.com is just shy of 1 year old, it's still early days and so I believe fewer categories will make it easier to find content. This might change over time!
  • Pinned Posts
    You will notice on certain boards that some items appear in yellow and show a "pin" next to them. Important posts will be pinned to allow for more exposure. Please comment on a post if you feel it should be pinned. 
  • Path/URL Fixes
    You may have noticed that some posts were given paths that looked like this https://www.koinexpert.com/node/123456
    This will no longer happen and any posts will get a proper name. E.g: https://www.koinexpert.com/security/this-is-a-nicer-url
  • Recent Replies Added
    If you click on "Forums", you will see that we show the 5 most recent posts as well as the 5 most recent comments. Hopefully, the 5 most recent comments will make it easier to spot activity on other threads.

    PLEASE NOTE: We want the forum to be easy to navigate. If you have any suggestions on making it easier to navigate the forums, please don't hesitate to comment below!

Love or hate the changes, we want to know! Please leave comments and let us know what you think! smiley

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Great stuff, thank you :-)

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