Come Join in and Profit with us as a Certified HODLNOT scalp trader.  We provide the perfect base knowledge to work from teaching you how to read trading charts, setting up your indicators for the scalping action and we take the fear away from how to trade on a trading platform. laugh

Who are we?
A unique group of people from countries all over the world who have been taught a very SIMPLE and yet effective way to trade together online with the cryptocurrency markets to make profits.

What we do?
We teach a simple method of scalp trading using key indicators and how to read them. We have a private live trading platform where we have many seasoned professional Certified HODLNOTs trading the markets at different times. We all help the new trainees learn and get comfortable with scalp trading by trading together live so you are not left alone to trade and you can see mistakes and how others are trading to help you make decisions. We are passionate about educating people on cryptocurrency and how to make profits by trading online.

How do you join?
Learn more here and also book:

We pay a USD$25 in BTC referral fee!
If you notify us before the next training sessions start who you referred, or if the person that registers for his/her training, notify us that you referred them, you will receive a $25 referral fee at the end of the training session :-)


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Hello, my name is SNIPER and I am a proud HODLNOTTER!!! 

This course changed the way I thought about trading crypto currencies forever!! If you are serious about growing your crypto portfolio this should be a no-brainer. The biggest value I got from doing this course was becoming part of the HODLNOT community. Your training doesn't end with the course, it only really starts at the end of it........ Being part of the community means you are exposed to and get assistance from seasoned traders, they share their tips and successes and assist wherever they can. We also trade together and help each other spot good coins to get in to maximize profits. 

Don't buy a fish, invest in a good rod so that you can fish for more.......... buy a rod..... become a HODLNOTTER!!

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I am also a proud HODLNOTTER, going by the name of Cryptarian.

I cannot add much more to what SNIPER said, apart from that once you are a certified HODLNOTTER. you can retake the HODLNOT Scalp Trading Course as often as you like - FREE of charge.

All in all, this is great value for money.


Hope to welcome you soon as part of our HODLNOT Community.



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