Simply put, HODLNOTs is a 5-day course that teaches you the basics about crypto and crypto trading. It's a crash course that's really a bang for your buck kinda deal. Below is more information, but simply pop an email if you are interested in this course:

HODLNOT™ Crypto Trading Classes

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the HODLNOTs Trading group which operates within Crypto Assets SA.

HODLNOTs was formed from a direct need by people wanting to be trained in cryptocurrency. My husband and I own several bitcoin businesses and work with many people who are struggling to understand how to use cryptocurrency and how to make profits with cryptocurrency investments. My husband is a Long Term Investor and Swing Trader and I’m a Short Term investor and Scalp Trader. Out of the interest of those in our business, I began teaching people my simplistic way of Scalp trading the market which has made me a lot of profits. HODL is a term used for HOLDING bitcoins and I do not HOLD them, I trade them so I trademarked the name HODLNOT for my training efforts. My business partner is one of my bitcoin business friends Dewald Rosema, Founder of CryptoAssetsSA and his company manages our training platform.

Who are we
A unique group of people from countries all over the world who have been taught a very SIMPLE and yet effective way to trade together online with the cryptocurrency markets to make profits.

What we do
We teach a simple method of scalp trading using key indicators and how to read them. We have a private live trading platform where we have many seasoned professional Certified HODLNOTs trading the markets at different times. We all help the new trainees learn and get comfortable with scalp trading by trading together live so you are not left alone to trade and you can see mistakes and how others are trading to help you make decisions. We are passionate about educating people on cryptocurrency and how to make profits by trading online.

We also have our own technical analysts who are in CasaAssets SA. They provide their own Short Term Trades for those who want to day trade.

Why you should join?
Once you enter our private trading platform and meet our incredible group you will feel welcome immediately. We have so much fun trading and we would love to expand the community. We have our own language of terms and we create more unique words all the time. We love trading together and we educate the newly trained to see how it is done by trading with someone guiding them as we trade on the minute charts. We share percentage gains, and encourage those who are just learning to work for profits. We have been quite successful in our profiting. Those people who cannot go to work, who are staying at home parents, cannot work when the weather is not cooperating — scalp trading can be an easy way to make income at home with your computer. For those who might need a friend, its great to jump in the private trading room and find a friend to chat and trade with.

How can someone become a HODLNOT
Visit the website — and sign up for the Intermediate Course. If you need bitcoin basics you can take those classes first to help you with the basic understanding of bitcoin and how it works. We ensure everyone in the community has been trained in our method of trading so they have a great start when entering the trading platform. On the last day of class we introduce the Short Term Trading group and our Beacon Analyst to explain our 2nd method of trading to everyone.

Who am I?
My name is Wendy Landman and I am very blessed to be sharing my life with Marius Landman who works to predict the trend and forecast of cryptocurrencies with his team of analysts. We both share a passion for cryptocurrency. I have been investing in cryptocurrencies for many years and found a way to trade from watching YouTube videos for about a year and a half — learning all the indicators and watching the markets. I made mistakes and I learned great things and I teach these in our classes so you can try to better avoid them and be more profitable from the beginning. January 2019, I was blessed and privileged to have served as the business operations manager for the past 3 years for Teen Challenge QLD with a passion to serve and help others with an amazing Board and CEO. This is an amazing charity with passionate people who are helping many young people have second chances. Fundraising is difficult and this charity needs financial support for many needs and improvements to their facilities and to support more staffing needs. When our bitcoin business began to explode, I had to make a choice and I left Teen Challenge to work on my bitcoin businesses to be able to better help fund the charity in the future. Today, Teen Challenge has investment positions in my businesses that are working to create future residual income. We have recently included Teen Challenge Pretoria SA into our business by CryptoAssets SA sharing my passion for this charity. We will be opening another charity position under CASA USA for Teen Challenge in the United States in the near future. I partner with CrytoAssets SA because of their like-minded passion and goals to help people and they now have several other great charities who are now in their business being funded and supported to help many people.

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I did this course when it was 250 USD as part of the introductory special. I think it's 350 USD now and I'd gladly pay that price too. The course is very much worth the money. It is very thorough and will quickly show you the ropes.

Yes, a lot of it can be self-taught, but it will take you much longer. This course puts it all together in one spot, explains it in detail using webinars, and most importantly, doesn't abandon you at the end. The HODLNOTs gang is there to help you all the way. 

Easily the best 250 USD I spent in 2019. laugh

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Thanks for the time and effort to post this out CryptoBro.  We are going over 100 with the next class and yes, you were offered a special that was running in Dewald's group.  The price was $500 USD as I have been privately training for years and reduced the price to $350 USD for more affordable group trainings.  Dewald actually picked up the difference for his CryptoAssets people as he wanted more of his team to learn how to profit, so he ran a special for his team to get them kick started and now the team is paying it forward.  Good leadership move!  I believe the core is the private trading group (Den) we are all now in working together to profit and help each other learn SCALP training.  Glad your a HODLNOT with us.  Appreciate you and your comments here.  Wendy

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