The aim of the helpfund is to assist members of the community during challenging times.


Qualifying Criteria

Beneficiary MUST be a certified Hodlnot.


Management of the Fund

The fund will be managed by an executive committee.

Members of the committee are:

  • Theresa Taljaard
  • Charl vd Berg
  • Byron de Carvalho
  • Karin Schoeman



The executive committee will submit reports of spending to Wendy and Dewald.

Thereafter any Hodlnot will be able to request a copy of the reports.


Application Process

  • Contact any of the executive committee members.
  • The committee will convene to discuss the requests and decide on how and when the funds will be spent.
  • In the event of a split decision, the member with the deciding vote will determine the outcome.
  • The deciding vote will be rotated between the committee members.


Anonymity Guarantee

The executive committee will not discuss or share any personal details about the beneficiary and their need with the broader Hodlnot community.

Any beneficiary, may however, thank the community for the assistance given – in which case the right to anonymity is given up.


Growing the Fund

Funds will be generated from donations made by Hodlnot community members.

Take note: These donations are completely voluntary.


How to donate

BTC Deposit Address: 3K87rZ9uaHAy2r2X2vLntfc2HC6ynhQ5QH

Soon we will be adding a coin payment button on

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