New to Crypto? Don't understand the fuss or how to start?

Then this introduction and basic overview course with Wendy Landman, is the perfect place to start.

What does this 1 week course cover:
Duration is 1 to 1.5 hours per class over 5 days.

  • What is Bitcoin
  • What is a Satoshi
  • How much is 1 Bitcoin and 1 Satoshi worth
  • What is Cryptocurrency and Decentralized currency
  • Where does Bitcoin come from
  • Who is Satoshi Nakamoto
  • What are ALT coins
  • What is the Blockchain
  • Where is the Blockchain located
  • How does the Blockchain work
  • How does Bitcoin and Blockchain work
  • What are Confirmations
  • What gives Bitcoin its Value
  • What does HODL mean
  • Is Bitcoin a Good Investment – WHY?
  • Is Bitcoin Safe – What are the Risks
  • Wallets – Buying and Withdrawing/Sending and Receiving Bitcoin
  • What is a Bitcoin Address – Deposit and Receiving
  • Storage of Coins – Hardware Wallet or Exchange
  • What are Security Tokens or Private Keys
  • Two Factor Authentication – How does it work
  • Uses for Bitcoin - How do you use Bitcoin
  • Mining – What is Mining and who are the Miners
  • Can I Mine and Earn Coins. If so, How do I get started?
  • What is a Node
  • Should I Buy or Hold Bitcoin
  • Farming Coins - How do you Farm Coins and WHY should you?
  • What is an Exchange
  • What is Halving
  • Investing vs Trading Bitcoin
  • Tradingview
    • How it works
    • Indicators – Leading and Lagging
      • Moving Averages – Overbought vs Oversold
      • RSI and Divergence Indicator
      • Candles – Explained
      • How to change the settings and colours for indicators for SWING Trading
      • MACD
      • Volume
      • Bollinger Bands
    • Finding Coins
  • Binance
    • Overview of Exchange
    • Pairing
    • Stable Coins – how to use them
    • Basic vs Advance Platforms
    • Portfolio Balance – Why it changes
    • ORDERS
      • Limit
      • Market
      • Stop Loss
    • How to BUY a Coin
    • How to SELL a Coin
    • How to Figure Pricing and Transaction Fees
    • How to Deposit money into Exchange
    • How to Withdrawal/Send Money from Exchange

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More about the course presenter: 

Wendy Landman:
Wendy is the International Public Relations Officer for one of the world’s largest Bitcoin communities, wife of Marius Landman, Founder and Chief Analyst at Bitcoin Trend and Forecast.  She is also COO of Bitcoin Trend & Forecast and runs the business operations.

Wendy has been trading cryptocurrency for many years and runs several very successful businesses involving cryptocurrency and now teaches her unique method of SCALP trading as well as BASIC Bitcoin classes for those who want to learn how to invest in cryptocurrency.  She is currently giving local bitcoin awareness meetings in Australia and helping people to learn how to invest and profit using cryptocurrency.

Wendy's Credentials:
Grad degree in Business Management from AIB with Masters in Marketing from an Asian perspective – before doing cryptocurrency full-time, Wendy was the Business Operations Manager for a world renowned non-profit, Teen Challenge QLD overseeing the business operations of 2 residential DOA rehabilitation centres, a day centre, a homeless centre for boys, corporate office and Board governance.  Her formal certification includes HSE/Risk Management, Legal, Intellectual Properties, O&G, Mining, HR/Competency Management and International Railway Infrastructure.
Bottom-line she knows how to run a business and above all trade in crypto.

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