Hi Friends,

I found this VERY convenient. This wallet/strategy is a great one for passive incomes.  Please take the time to research it and find out if fit with you.

I already asked if supports South Africa and yes, it does. As well as US, Australia, Europe and South America.

When you sign up, we (you and me, if you use my referral code : bxv5mjgwqk)  both gain US$50 in MCO coin.

After to have enough of those coins, you can get a Visa card.

I checked today and I already increased 20% my dollar value in MCO, for just hold it even in this market! And we can use al the main coins for gaining.

To sign up, you may use my referral link https://platinum.crypto.com/r/bxv5mjgwqk and follow all steps of KYC.

Let me know if you find it interesting and if you need help.

Blessings to All

MS / Marta Sánchez


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Will see what it is and does for me.  Signed up



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