We are excited to announce that the HODLNOTs are now Scalping with PASSION and PURPOSE!

We have trademarked our very own Charity Club called "CRYPTO CARES".

Each month we will have at least ONE CHARITY DRIVE SCALPING CONTEST highlighting different needs in our communities. If you have someone in need, please discuss getting them on our LIST with Karin.

Our first CHARITY DRIVE SCALPING CONTEST takes place this weekend.

CRYPTO CARES about HARVEY, who is chosen as the first beneficiary of our CHARITY DRIVE SCALPING CONTEST

More info about Harvey and his needs can be found at:



We ask that you consider donating a portion of your profit to help meet some of Harvey’s needs. Debra’s wallet address can be found on the Koinexpert link as listed above.

You are under no obligation to donate and any donation that you do make, will obviously be anonymous.

Duration: 24 hours

  • Begins 12am on Wednesday, 19 February 2020 – Brisbane (Australia) time
  • Ends 12am on Thursday, 20 February 2020 – Brisbane (Australia) time
  • Use the World Time Buddy to determine the correct time for your location.



Three ways of winning:

  1. The highest % gain for ONE SCALP. If you exit the scalp and get back in, you cannot add the scalp. 
  2. The total % gain of all scalps for the 24 hour period
  3. The highest overall AVERAGE of all scalps for the day. 


The prize:

  • $100 USD BTC per category


  • You can choose to receive a surprise gift from MAMA BEAR – all the way from Australia!


How to enter:

  • PM @Cryptarin. Give your HODLNOT name.
  • If you do not have a HODLNOT name yet, this is a great opportunity to get one!


Submission of your trades on the day of the contest:

Send a PM to Mamma Bear and Cryptarian.

The rules:

  1. Must be a CERTIFIED, GRADUATED HODLNOT - Karin will verify the winner on the Master List
  2. Do not post the amount of money you trade with, or how much you profited in dollars. We are only interested in the % gains.
  3. We will use your submission but be prepared to submit a screenshot to Cryptarian if you win for verification. 
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