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What are forum levels?

If you view the profile of a user, it will show either "New User", or "Level 1", "Level 2" etc, up to "Level 10". These levels are determined by your overall "Forum Score" (FS). When you initially join KoinExpert, your FS is zero. As you perform certain tasks, this score increases. For every 10 000 points, you will go up one level. For example, if you have 15 000 FS, then you will be on level 1. If you get 5000 more points, you will have 20 000 points, and automatically reach level 2.

What is the purpose of forum levels?

FS has several purposes:

  • Some forums call it "karma", others call it a "member rating", but similarly, FS can be used to determine if a user has clout on our forum.
  • Higher FS means higher earnings on referrals. (We want to award active community members)
  • It helps us to control spam and automated submissions.

How can I increase my score?

The primary way to increase your score is by participation in the forum. For example, posting good content and commenting on other posts. High-quality posts have a very good chance of also earning additional bonus points.

While forum participation is the primary factor at the moment, the equation might change and may take other factors into account in the future. 

How can my score decrease?

There is currently no way to decrease your FS, but it is possible that there might be in the future.


Please feel free to reply below if you have any questions or comments.

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Thanks for clearing that up! Please inform users if anything changes in this regard.

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Can we get some more details on how scoring actually works? Which exact actions are equal to how many exact points? I'd also like to see a points/score counter somewhere.

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The idea was to keep it at least a little bit secret, otherwise people will manipulate it. But I'll see if I can't give more specific guidelines and maybe even a score counter. 

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